Avery Cyrus Is Rumored To Be Cheating On JoJo Siwa

TikTok is flooded with videos in which netizens accuse Avery Cyrus of having sex with Lundy. Avery Cyrus, the current girlfriend of famous American dancer JoJo Siwa, is accused of having an affair with a minor. Although the source of these rumors has yet to be determined, videos accusing Avery have gone viral on social media. However, the source of the rumor has yet to be verified. At the same time, videos about these allegations are attracting millions of views, fans are sure that Cyrus cheated on Siwa.

More details about Lundy are being revealed as stories of her and Avery’s kiss go viral.

Many TikTokers accused Avery of cheating on JoJo Siwa with a minor after JoJo Siwa went public with her relationship with Avery on social media. People started making TikTok videos with the assumption that Avery had recently made up with Lundy. At the same time, many are wondering who she is. Lundy is a social media celebrity who has been outspoken about her sexual orientation and often makes movies about LGBTQ+ topics to raise awareness. In addition, she also owns the SPIL clothing line, abbreviated as LIPS.

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Lundy, born in 1998 in Florida, is 24 years old and has been in a relationship with Cheyanne Taylor and Whitney Warn. She has about 952,000 TikTok followers and over 227 thousand Instagram followers. She is also recognized for making weight loss videos that have become popular on social media.

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While many of her videos made news, her kiss with Avery got them both into hot trouble, as netizens couldn’t believe Cyrus cheated on Siwa. On social networks, the two recently published a video of Cyrus and Siwa kissing and certifying their love affair. A few days later, people started accusing Avery of hooking up with Lundy.

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Netizens believe that Lundy and Avery know each other.

Despite the fact that JoJo Siwa and Avery Cyrus appear to be happy in their relationship, the internet is full of harsh words about Cyrus, who is accused of having sex with a minor and dating Lundy. One Twitter user stated:

the jojo/every drama goes CRAZY like have you seen the influencer event? or as past averys about hooking up with Lundy at the playlist party?… WHO IS LUNDY I’m getting lost I need a timeline or smth HAVE MORE TEA HOW I NEED TO REST

– March (@amaramichelle) September 20, 2022

TikTok also seems to have lost its cool, as one user commented:

“She slept with a minor?” And you slept with Lundy at PLAYLIST? After all, she was canceled. However, DIE.”

At the same time, another user said that Avery kissed the child while more than ten women were playing spinning the bottle. Avery, who has over 8 million followers on TikTok, is an outspoken LGBTQ+ advocate who has created videos to educate and raise awareness about the issue.


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