Seasons (2023) Ending Explained, Review, Cast, Trailer, and More

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The Seasons (2023)

“Seasons,” a heartwarming romantic comedy, hits Netflix in 2023. The Filipino production, directed by Easy Ferrer, beautifully captures the intertwined nature of love and friendship. Through a touching exploration of human relationships, the film depicts the often blurred lines between friendship and romance.

The talented cast of “Seasons” includes Lovi Poe as Charlie, Carlo Aquino as Kurt, and Sarah Edwards. Together, they bring depth, humor, and sincerity to the story, enhancing the film’s overall appeal.

Seasons (2023) Ending Explained

Get ready for an in-depth analysis of the Netflix series “Seasons” 2023. Prepare yourself for major revealers and unexpected plot twists. The film begins with Charlie, who narrates her story and introduces her best friend, Kurt. She admits to making the mistake of pushing him into a relationship, which ultimately drove him away from her. Although she has no romantic feelings for him, their once strong friendship has been irreparably damaged.

Charlie constantly thinks about how she accidentally developed feelings for Kurt when it was too late. However, she realizes that she can’t risk their existing friendship, especially since Kurt is happy with his new partner. Charlie arranges a date between Kurt and Jane, hoping it will spark his interest in her. However, once Kurt has a crush on Jane, he becomes distant, leading Charlie to question whether she misses Kurt’s general or specific attention.

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In an attempt to save their friendship, Charlie prepares a homemade meal for Kurt, but he turns around with Jane by his side. To save face and create an excuse for the meal, Charlie lied that he was pregnant. When Kurt discovers Charlie’s lie, he feels hurt and betrayed, ending all ties with her. The story begins a full year later, with Charlie performing music at Kurt and Jane’s wedding.

It’s a bittersweet ending, as Charlie realizes that sometimes their desire for attention from a constant presence in your life can overshadow their need to be a romantic partner. . Charlie and Kurt don’t end up in romantic love, but they manage to maintain their friendship despite the turbulent journey. Sometimes it’s better to have people with whom you feel deeply connected as friends than to pursue a romantic relationship because, at the very least, they will still be there for you.

Seasons Movie (2023) Reviews

Seasons follows a familiar and somewhat predictable plot, revolving around two close friends who have experienced many broken relationships. Realizing the value they have for each other, they agree to take risks and open their hearts to love again, potentially finding their perfect partner. However, they face the possibility of realizing that they could be the perfect match for each other.

The friendship-to-lover relationship introduced in “Seasons” is a relatable and comforting subject that has been explored in other films. It highlights the realistic notion that it’s normal to fall in love with your best friend, as they’ve been present throughout life’s ups and downs. The film begins by introducing Charlie (played by Lovi Poe), a talented musician, and delves into her life through voice acting, emphasizing her close relationship with her friends.

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When Kurt (played by Carlo Aquino), Charlie’s best friend, enters a romantic relationship, it changes the dynamics of their friendship. This situation illustrates the challenge of having a male best friend, as their romantic partner often becomes their new best friend. The platonic nature of Charlie and Kurt’s relationship is complicated by the time they spend together, blurring the lines between friendship and something more.

Charlie, 32, struggles with age worries and wonders if she will ever find her perfect other half. As they aid each other in exploring the world of dating apps and real-life encounters, Charlie unwittingly guides Kurt into a new relationship, leaving her feeling uneasy about the situation. don’t quite understand why.

“Seasons” offers a glimpse into the complexities of relationships and the uncertainties that arise when close friends venture into the realm of romantic love. Although the film follows a familiar trajectory, it still captures the essence of true emotions and the exploration of unexplored emotions between friends.

Seasons (2023) Actors

Here is the cast and characters of the romantic comedy “Seasons” presented in a table:

Actor’s name

Character’s name



Carlo Aquino


Sarah Edwards


Jameson Blake


Ruby Ruiz

Tita Lulu

Kakai Bautista


Dennis Padilla

Tito Jun

anna luna


keann johnson


Issey Takasaki


Ricci Chan


Bernadette Allyson

Nanay Beth

Lharby Policarpio


Jill Palencia


Rafa Siguion-Reyna


Nikki Valdez

Tita Bebang

Marissa Sanchez

Tita Mel

Simon Ibarra

tatay nando

Chamyto Aguedan

Coach Rommel

Alyssa San Juan


Seasons Trailer (2023)

The trailer for the movie “Seasons” 2023 is a fascinating look at a moving story. Starring Lovi Poe as Charlie and Carlo Aquino as Kurt, the trailer introduces their characters and sets the stage for an emotional and believable journey. Audiences eagerly looked forward to the entire film as they glimpsed the chemistry and depth that Poe and Aquino brought to their roles. See it below.

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