Black Cake Episode 3 Ending Explained, Release Date, Cast, Plot, Review, Where to Watch and More

“Black Cake Episode 3” features Covey reuniting with Gibbs in London, marking a significant moment in her attempt to reconnect with her past. The episode was released on November 1st, continuing the compelling family drama series with a diverse cast and a multi-decade storyline.

Black Cake

“Black Cake” is a TV series based on Charmaine Wilkerson’s popular novel. It’s a family drama with elements of mystery that spans across different time periods and locations, including Jamaica, Rome, Scotland, England, and Southern California. The story revolves around Eleanor Bennett, a matriarch who, upon her passing, leaves behind a flash drive containing untold stories of her life. These revelations deeply impact her two children, Benny and Byron, leading them to question everything they believed about their family’s history.

In parallel, the series delves into the 1960s, when a young woman named Covey faces a dramatic turning point on her wedding day. Fleeing from her past, Covey starts anew in a foreign country, struggling to redefine her identity. The narratives from different eras are intertwined, revealing a story that is both heart-wrenching and uplifting.

Black Cake Episode 3 Ending Explained

In Episode 3 of “Black Cake,” unexpected twists took place. Covey’s hopes for a peaceful life were shattered as people sought to exploit her secrets. The narrative leaves us pondering whether the core of “Black Cake” is a love story, with answers perhaps only revealed over time.

  • Lin’s Survival: Lin’s attempt at ending his own life is thwarted when Pearl intervenes just in time. She gives him a stern talk, urging him to clean up his act and consider Covey’s safety. Lin learns that someone else has been arrested for Covey’s husband’s murder, and it’s in their best interest to go along with that story.
  • Covey and Gibbs’ Love Story: Covey and Gibbs’ love story begins when they meet during swimming lessons. They quickly become a couple, but face the challenge of limited time together due to Gibbs’ plans to study law in London. Despite the odds, Covey falls deeply in love with him.
  • Bunny’s Unspoken Love: Covey is unaware of Bunny’s longstanding affection for her. In a time when society was less accepting, Covey advised Bunny to keep her feelings hidden. Rumors about their relationship circulated after Covey disappeared, adding to the complexities Bunny faced.
  • Covey’s Life in Scotland: Covey assumes the identity of Eleanor, a nurse. Despite challenges posed by racism and a foreign accent, she perseveres, eventually finding work. However, she faces hostility from her colleagues, particularly Beatrice. Covey endures silently, determined not to draw attention.
  • A Moment of Vulnerability: A crucial incident occurs when Covey discovers discrepancies in an account. She musters the courage to confront Beatrice, only to be dismissed as a “pity hire.” Covey turns to her boss, revealing the truth about her identity.
  • A Disturbing Encounter: At her boss’s house, Covey seeks solace, but the situation takes a dark turn. She experiences a traumatic sexual assault, leaving her shaken. As she leaves the room, it’s clear that others are aware of what transpired.
  • Yearning for Connection: Devastated, Covey longs for a link to her past life. A brief moment during a sea jump brings thoughts of Gibbs to the forefront. As Episode 3 concludes, Covey returns to London, facing new challenges and encountering Gibbs once more.
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Black Cake Episode 3 Release Date

The third episode of “Black Cake” was released on Wednesday, November 1, along with the first two episodes on Hulu. The remaining five episodes of the season will be released one per week, leading up to the season finale on December 6.

As for viewers in the UK, the release date for the series is still pending confirmation. If the show does air in the UK, it is likely to be available on Disney Plus.

Black Cake Episode 3 Cast

Mia Isaac


Adrienne Warren

Benny Bennett

Ashley Thomas

Byron Bennett

Glynn Turman

Charles Mitch

Sonita Henry

Mabel Martin

Lashay Anderson

Bunny Pringle

Faith Alabi

Pearl Thomas

Ahmed Elhaj

Gibbs Grant

Black Cake Episode 3 Plot

In Episode 3 of “Black Cake,” Covey’s story continues to unfold. After escaping a forced marriage in Jamaica, Covey ventures to Scotland and England, facing various challenges along the way. Set against the backdrop of the 1960s, Covey grapples with racism and sexism as she navigates life in a foreign land.

Back in the present day, Eleanor’s children, Byron and Benny, receive a flash drive containing untold stories of their mother’s past. These revelations, narrated by Eleanor herself, shake the foundation of what the siblings believed about their family’s origins. As the secrets unravel, Covey’s journey takes on new dimensions, leaving her children with unexpected revelations about their mother’s life.

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The episode delves deeper into Covey’s experiences and sheds light on the complexities of her journey from the Caribbean to America. The narrative continues to intertwine past and present, unveiling the rich tapestry of Covey’s life story.

Black Cake Episode 3 Summary

In Episode 3 of “Black Cake,” the story takes a surprising turn. Lin, who had attempted suicide, is saved by Pearl just in time. She advises him to turn his life around and suggests he go along with the story that someone else was arrested for Covey’s husband’s murder to keep Covey safe. Pearl reveals that she stayed in her job for Covey’s sake, but now that everyone is gone, she wants to leave.

The episode also delves into Covey and Gibbs’ budding romance. They meet at a swimming lesson, and Covey takes the initiative to talk to Gibbs. Despite knowing they have limited time together due to Gibbs’ plans to study law in London, they become a couple. Meanwhile, Bunny, Covey’s friend, has secretly harbored feelings for her for years. Covey’s life in Scotland is portrayed as she takes on a job and faces challenges in a foreign country due to language barriers and racial discrimination. Her determination leads her to excel, even though she encounters hostility from some colleagues, particularly Beatrice.

A distressing event occurs when Covey goes to her boss’s house for a dinner event. She faces a traumatic experience of sexual assault by her boss, leaving her terrified. Beatrice shares a similar experience, explaining how vulnerability led her to endure the job for the sake of her son.

Covey’s yearning for her past life and her connection with Gibbs persist, even as she tries to build a new life in London. The episode ends with a powerful moment when Covey reunites with Gibbs at a protest, uncertain of how he’ll perceive the changed version of herself. The episode leaves viewers with a mix of emotions, setting the stage for further revelations in Covey’s story. “Black Cake” continues to captivate with its realistic portrayal of complex relationships and challenges.

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Black Cake Episode 3 Review

“Black Cake” earns praise for its adaptation of the acclaimed novel, drawing commendation from notable figures. The series presents a rich blend of period drama, infused with elements of mystery and soap opera dynamics. The production benefits from the involvement of esteemed producer Oprah Winfrey. Star-in-the-making Mia Isaac delivers a compelling performance as the young Covey, with the older Covey narrating her tale through recorded messages.

The narrative skillfully navigates Covey’s compelling journey, from Jamaica to Scotland and England, against the backdrop of the prevalent racism and sexism of the 1960s.

The series effectively weaves together Covey’s gripping story and the enigmatic events surrounding her wedding. While the present-day issues faced by Covey’s children add depth to the narrative, some find them to be slightly heavy-handed. Showrunner Marissa Jo Cerar, in collaboration with Adrienne Warren, adeptly unfolds the story over eight episodes, punctuated by well-executed twists. The narration maintains the literary essence of the source material, offering poignant insights into Covey’s hidden sorrows and regrets.

Where to Watch Black Cake Episode 3?

You can watch “Black Cake” Episode 3 on Hulu. The first three episodes of the series premiered on November 1st, and new episodes are released every Wednesday at 3:01 am ET / 12:01 am PT. If you’re in Canada or Australia, you can watch it on Disney Plus. In Canada, the first three episodes were released on November 1st, followed by weekly releases on Wednesdays. In Australia, the first three episodes also premiered on November 1st, with subsequent episodes coming out weekly on Wednesdays.

However, as of now, there is no confirmed premiere date for “Black Cake” in the UK.

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