Huening Kai Named A Fan Baby During Their Atlanta Concert

TXT’s (TOMORROW X TOGETHER) maknae Huening During their live performance in Atlanta, Kai recently named a fan’s kid. The fan shared her remarkable encounter with the K-pop lads on Twitter and TikTok. Huening Kai’s video proposing names for the “future MOA” (the name of TXT’s fans) had the whole community slamming the “Like” and “Replay” buttons. Within 24 hours of the performance, the video became viral, with over 407k views.

TOMORROW X TOGETHER will embark on their first global tour, ACT: LOVESICK, this year.

It began with much fanfare in Seoul, South Korea, and will conclude in Bangkok in October. The quartet is presently on tour in the United States, having just finished a sold-out gig at Atlanta’s Fox Theatre on July 12. MOA recounts an endearing experience with Huening Kai during a recent TXT performance. K-pop celebrities and their followers have a bond that extends beyond simply admiration for their music. Idols are often seen spending time with fans through live streams, delivering messages of support and encouragement to followers who find solace in their words in addition to their music.

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Fans often express their devotion and admiration for their favorite groups and individuals in the most creative ways. An MOA who attended the performance wanted to name her kid after one of the guys’ choices. She described her wonderful interaction with Huening Kai, demonstrating the extraordinary link that celebrities have with their followers. The pregnant fan donned a T-shirt with the words “future MOA” pointing to her tummy. Christine was also carrying a signboard with the words “PICK MY BABY’S NAME?” inscribed on it. The fan went into great detail about the event on Twitter.

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She reported that during soundcheck, the youngest member of the group saw her placard. He gestured to her that he would consider it backstage and get back to her later. The overjoyed MOA exclaimed about it on Twitter, thanking Huening Kai’s time spent really considering several nice names expecting her kid and going in the effort to write them for her during their performance. She said how her fellow MOAs were really helpful in getting the sign to the idol throughout their performance.

Huening Kai scrawled his preferred name on the board and returned it. However, it turned out that the name he offered was Lilly, a girl’s name. The admirer quickly confirmed that she was expecting a son. The signboard was given to him on stage again at another point during the event, and this time the idol wasted no time in naming the baby “Nathan.”

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TXT embarks on its first-ever international tour. ACT: LOVESICK> TOMORROW X TOGETHER WORLD TOUR>

The K-pop boy band will perform at Lollapalooza, a four-day annual music festival in the United States, for the first time. Their senior, BTS rapper j-hope, has been chosen as the event’s headliner. TXT’s most recent album, minisode 2: Thursdays Child, was chosen as one of just two K-pop albums for Billboard’s The 50 Best Albums of 2020 So Far Staff Picks.



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