Erika Jayne Won A $5 million Fraud Case Filed By Her Ex Husband’s Coworkers

Erika Jayne, an American singer, and television personality has won a $5 million fraud case brought by her ex-husband Tom Girardi’s former coworkers. According to Page Six, Girardi’s former coworkers Philip R. Sheldon and Robert P. Finn sued her for her involvement in her husband’s alleged fraud and embezzlement case. Jayne’s lawyer, Evan C. Borges, told the newspaper that Los Angeles Judge Richard Fruin found no proof of “any misconduct” in the 2020 lawsuit. According to court papers acquired by Page Six, the judge determined on August 29 that the plaintiffs failed to prove that the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills actress had any “actual knowledge” of Girardi’s alleged misconduct. Erika announced her victory on her Instagram account on August 31.

“I’d want to thank my pals who have stood by my side. All I asked for was time and patience.”

The attorneys had accused Jayne of “aiding and abetting” her now ex-husband, 83, in his alleged crime. They claimed the reality star was aware that Girardi was using their settlement money to fund her lavish lifestyle.

Erika Jayne’s evidence was deemed “irrelevant” by the Judge.

During the trial, Judge Fruin defended his decision by referencing Erika Jayne’s statement, in which she indicated that she did not handle any bills at Girardi & Keese and that her husband and his colleagues were in charge of all ledgers.

“I simply assumed everything would be taken care of. I didn’t really inquire. It’s not like I was making millions of dollars… “I had no idea what they were doing down there.”

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The plaintiff’s accusations that Erika Jayne had “real knowledge” of money misappropriation, according to Judge Fruin, were based on “inferences” concerning “circumstantial evidence,” such as her affluent lifestyle, rather than concrete proof.

“The proof is meaningless.”

The reality star’s “lavish and costly pastime sponsored by the couples’ communal property is not proof of the ‘actual knowledge of any violation of fiduciary responsibility” between Tom Girardi and the plaintiffs, according to the court. Jayne announced her victory with a screenshot of a Los Angeles Times article about Tom Girardi’s alleged romantic affair with a former judge. According to the article, the 83-year-old retired lawyer purchased her a property and sent her $300,000 from his business.

She captioned the screenshot as follows:

“Wow. I was aware of jewelry, shopping sprees, and cosmetic surgery, but this really surprised me.”

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Lawsuits filed against Erika Jayne

Erika’s victory came after she was accused of stealing cash intended for the victims of Lion Air Flight 610 in a series of cases with Tom Girardi, including a class-action lawsuit by Edelson PC. The two were also accused of stealing $2 million from a settlement. Erika Jayne maintained throughout the proceedings that she had no knowledge of Tom’s financial mismanagement or wrongdoings. Erika Jayne and Girardi divorced in November 2020, after 21 years of marriage.


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