Who Is Jennifer Tong From “Fakes”?

Jennifer Tong will portray Rebecca “Becca” Li on Netflix’s new comedy-drama series Fakes, which will launch on Friday, September 2, 2022, at 3 a.m. ET. Tong will appear alongside Emilija Baranac (To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before) and Richard Harmon (The 100). Fakes recount the stormy lives of two high school kids who unwittingly develop one of the greatest phony ID enterprises in North America. The crime drama is a new release from CBC Gem and Netflix.

Two childhood friends, Zoe Christensen (Baranac) and Rebecca Li (Tong) build their enterprises and collect more cash than they can conceive (because who doesn’t need a false ID, right?). Their good fortune, however, will come to an end when the feds eventually catch up with them. This post will cover Jennifer Tong and her character Becca Li in advance of the Netflix launch of Fakes.

Find out more about Canadian actress Jennifer Tong

Jennifer Tong is a British Columbia native who was born and raised in Vancouver. Tong started her career as a child performer, experimenting in dance, singing, and musical theater before deciding on acting. Tong is a Leo nominee as well. Jennifer started her acting career in the theater, where she performed in a number of shows such as Annie, A Christmas Carol, and Harvey. While studying Acting for Stage and Screen at Capilano University, she got more interested in the film business. Since graduation, Tong has worked with multiple theatrical organizations and performed on several venues across the city. Jennifer Tong has previously appeared as a supporting character in Motherland: Fort Salem, as well as Grand Army, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Charmed, and Sacred Lies.

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Jennifer Tong’s role in Netflix’s Fakes

Jennifer Tong’s future part as Rebecca Li in the Netflix comedy-drama will be one of the most crucial since she is one of the key protagonists. The official summary for the program is as follows:

“FAKES is the tale of two best friends who unintentionally construct one of North America’s greatest false ID enterprises. They move into a downtown penthouse with more money than they know what to do with, only to be raided by the authorities. One of them is imprisoned, while the other is not.”

The new program, according to Tong, is “equal parts comedy and drama, wonderful and upsetting, and simply a whole lot of fun.” She stated:

“What viewers can anticipate and be excited about is sh*t getting f*cked.”

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The DC’s Legends of Tomorrow actor also discussed how the show’s treatment of Rebecca’s Asian ancestry distinguishes the character from others. She continued.

“It’s not about her ethnicity. She defies the clichés that are imposed on Chinese women and is a completely fleshed-out figure with incredible attractions and catastrophic defects.”

Jennifer Tong narrates the opening few seconds of the official trailer for Fakes, saying:

“Everything excellent must come to an end. And by wonderful things, I mean a sick penthouse, matching supercars, ridiculously attractive dudes, and much too much booze.”

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