GPO Update 8 Tier List, GPO Level Guide

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Grand Piece Online

Grand Piece Online, a highly anticipated seafaring game released in 2020, is developed by Grand Quest Games and available on the ROBLOX platform. Immerse yourself in a vast ocean world where you can embark on thrilling adventures. Explore uncharted islands, engage in treasure hunts, and search for exotic fruits whose mystical powers grant incredible abilities to those who consume them.

Prepare to face formidable bosses that will test your skills and strategy. Create alliances by forming groups with other players, but be aware that loyalty can be fleeting as alliances can easily fall apart. The game inspired by the popular shounen manga and anime series, One Piece, lets you create your own unique path in this captivating universe.

    GPO updated tier 8 list




    List of GPO levels

    Our skill tiers grade the overall usefulness of abilities ranging from best to worst.

    S-Class: These Devil Fruits are considered a must have. If you have a chance to get one, don’t hesitate. Prioritize getting these fruits whenever possible.

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    Tier A: These abilities are exceptional performers and will greatly enhance your character. While they may not be as coveted as Tier S, they are definitely worth your time investment.

    Tier B: These fruits are reliable and can effectively contribute to your playstyle. They won’t get in your way, but you should replace them if you find something better.

    Tier C: These abilities are considered ineffective and may not work as well unless you have a specific purpose for them. They are not recommended for general use.

    Grade D: These fruits are practically useless and offer no benefit. It’s best to avoid them altogether, as they won’t provide any significant benefit to your gameplay.

    GPO Level Guide

    island name


    The Road to the Island


    The Town of Beginnings0-15You spawn hereDefeat 5 bandits

    Defeat 1 bandit boss

    Sandora15-25Go West from Beginning TownDefeat 7 desert bandits
    Shell town25-40Head north from Sandora to get to Shell’s TownDefeat 8 broken Marines
    Zou Island40-105To enter Zou Island, head southwest from Shell’s Town.Defeat the 7 inhabitants of Zou
    Baratie40-105To enter Baratie, head North of Zou.The 8 Krieg Pirates
    Sphinx Island55-105To enter Sphinx Island, head northwest of Baratie.Kill 10 monkeys

    Kill the monkey king

    Skypiea105-160Head between East and Northeast from Shell’s Town to get to Skypiea.Defeat 5 castle guards
    Fort Gravito160-190Head northwest from Skypiea to reach Gravito’s Fort.Defeat Gravito’s 4 subordinates
    mermaid island190-325To enter Fish-Man Island, first go between the Northeast and the East to find the Fish-Man Cave. Then you will have to go through the maze to get there.Defeat 5 mermaid karate masters

    second sea

    horror bark325-500Northeastern Geppo originates from Rovo Island, located in the Second Sea. When the player ventures into the Second Sea, Rovo Island serves as their initial spawn point.Defeat 6 Zombie Knights

    Level 325 is an impressive milestone in the game. While it may not be as formidable as reaching level 500, it still equips you with the ability to defeat bosses. Engage in cooperative gameplay with friends and engage in raids that can enhance your experience, allowing you to conquer challenging sea creatures and the mighty Kraken.

    However, it is important to note that upgrading from level 325 to 500 at Thriller Bark can be a difficult and monotonous task, which can make the game less enjoyable. Therefore, you should explore and play GPO at your own pace and according to your taste in this level.

    However, if your main goal is simply to level up quickly, focusing on defeating bosses in the Second Sea instead of the First Sea is a more effective approach.

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