NCT 127 Has Revealed The Tracklist And Release Date For Their Forthcoming Repackage album “Ay-Yo”

NCT 127 revised their watchlist and timetable posters following news of the release of their fourth recycling album, Ay-Yo, on January 30. The album, 2 Baddies, will feature three tracks. new in addition to the twelve songs on the regular album, which was finally announced. Along with the title track, Ay-Yo, the repackaged album is rumored to have two more tracks, DJ and Skyscraper.

In addition to the watchlist, they posted a preliminary schedule of activities ahead of the album’s release date on January 30. Here is the schedule:

For us – January 6 to January 8

Teaser Image #1 – 9/1 to 12/1

Teaser Image #2 – Jan 16 to Jan 19

Watch the video – January 26

Teaser Image #3 – Jan 28

Music Video Teaser – January 29

Release of album Ay-Yo – January 30

With releases scheduled to look forward to, as well as signs from watchlist images regarding an upcoming album, fans can’t contain their enthusiasm. Naturally, Twitter is flooded with thoughts, speculations, and feedback on watchlists, timetables, and anticipated albums.

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NCTzens took to Twitter to share their thoughts and feedback on NCT 127’s fourth repackaged album, Ay-Yo.

As the release date of the much-anticipated repackage album approaches, fan expectations and excitement are increasing. With the publication of the first album-specific material, including a watchlist and timetable, fans got to work, hunting for hints and clues regarding Ay’s ideas. The first reveal, To Us, captured the greatest interest among fans, due to its ambiguity. NCTzens (NCT’s fan base) have linked the dots and believe To Us has something to do with their previous To You release.

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big time ballin and i say ayyo? tease?

— #FREEJOY (@96_aegi) January 5, 2023

Season 127 OFFICIALLY BACK #NCT127_Ay_Yo

— heebs ️ AY-YO (@moonhbss) January 5, 2023

To You is a concept in which each NCT member will record a message to another member at the start of their new album, Punch. The video was an emotional rollercoaster ride for both the members and viewers, as each of them proclaimed their love for each other and expressed support for upcoming album projects. Fans expect more touching content in the next To Us, which they feel will be of a similar nature. Furthermore, the photos depicting the visuals of the watchlist have fans buzzing as they continue to speculate on the themes, genres, and ideas the repackaged album will use. Fans believe that the album will bring a cool summer atmosphere with a fresh and beach theme based on the group photo connected to the watchlist.

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Furthermore, as is customary when releasing albums, NCT 127 changed their profile pictures on Instagram and Twitter to reflect the design of the album and fans were completely captivated by the idea. While there are indications that Ay-Yo is a trademark of NCT 127, fans were also able to spot the experimental side, which only added to their excitement. With Ay-Yo promotions just a few hours away, fans are looking forward to an exciting month filled with content and teases, culminating in the long-awaited album release.


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