Is Cash Nasty Dating Anyone? Explore His Relationship

Cash Nasty, a basketball content producer, and his YouTuber girlfriend, Ashley, have broken up, breaking fans’ hearts after a decades-long relationship. However, this YouTuber recently sparked a lot of speculation and discussion after revealing that she had a child with an unnamed boyfriend. Therefore, there have been rumors about his relationship with his new girlfriend. Furthermore, many people are wondering if his new girlfriend is the mother of his daughter. Cash Nasty, a Louisiana native, went from working at Walmart to becoming an influencer, specifically as a YouTuber and Twitch broadcaster. He became famous for his lively and humorous comments on the game NBA 2K. LeBron James is his favorite player.

Cash, whose full name is Cassius Jeremy Clay, has more than 4.45 million followers on his YouTube channel CashNasty as of this writing. His Twitch feed (@cashnastygaming) has over 904K followers. In addition to gaming, his initiatives include collaborations, vlogging, and chats on a variety of issues, reaching millions of people. It’s no wonder he has such a large following.

Cash Nasty Girlfriend 2023: Is he dating anyone?

Although Nasty has teased fans about a possible relationship following his split from Ashley years ago, nothing more has been revealed about his new partner. However, it seems like this YouTuber is gradually opening up to the world about his dating experiences. Cash posted an Instagram carousel of photos and videos from his birthday meal in December 2023, in celebration of his 33rd birthday.

nasty cash

It appears to be a dinner and birthday date, when an attractive female character joins him in the festivities. Fans are buzzing about his new lover after he sparked interest in his mysterious companion. Some people are even speculating that the basketball content provider and his new partner are more than just girlfriends (or fiancees). However, more specific information about his relationship with his girlfriend is still unknown.

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In January 2023, Cash uploaded a video to YouTube titled “I Found a New Partner,” which featured a woman named Briana Green. Fans believe that she is Nasty’s girlfriend and the film will reveal details about their relationship. In fact, contrary to the video title, Bri was Cash’s teammate in the 2-on-2 House Of Highlights basketball game.

The basketball content creator has a daughter

Cash Nasty uploaded a YouTube video titled “Meet my daughter Ava!” On December 12, 2023, he discussed parenthood and introduced his daughter Ava. The online sensation said in the video that becoming a parent is “difficult and rewarding” at the same time. It then shows him and his daughter shopping at a mall. On the other hand, Cassius does not mention his baby mother. Rumor has it that the mysterious woman who attended his birthday dinner is the mother of his child. However, confirmation remains.

Cash Nasty’s relationship with his ex-girlfriend Ashley

At one time, the American basketball content producer and his then-girlfriend Ashley were one of the most famous couples online. According to reports, the two began dating in 2007 and were in a relationship for a decade until breaking up in 2017. Cash announced their split in February 2017, but later clarified on Twitter that all just a “joke”. However, things got out of control when they broke up permanently and did not reveal the reason.

nasty cash

His fiancee (now ex) Ashley went by the pen name AshONasty while they were together. Furthermore, the couple shared a YouTube channel, CashNAshVlogs. It doesn’t work anymore. They deleted each other’s photos from their Instagram accounts after their divorce. However, Cash’s YouTube page still posts videos related to his ex, such as one titled “Surprise my girlfriend on her birthday” in May 2017.

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Ashley Dyer was born on May 18, 1991 in Louisiana, as was her ex-boyfriend Cash Nasty, born on December 4, 1990. She is currently 32 years old, while Cash is 33. Ashley is currently in a relationship with her current lover . partner, whom she often posts on her Instagram (@ashmmm18).

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