Night Has Come Episode 5 Ending Explained, Release Date, Cast, Plot, Review, Where to Watch and More

Reveal the suspense in “The Night Has Come” Episode 5 as the high school students face a shocking revelation. Dive into a thrilling mystery with an explained ending that makes viewers curious.

Night has come

Night Has Come is a gripping teen mystery drama that unfolds when a class of high school sophomores are suddenly thrust into real-life mafia games during a vacation. The plot delves into the intense psychological battle that ensues as the students find themselves in a test of survival.

Lee Yoon Seo, with sharp observation and reasoning abilities, tries to escape the dangerous situation. Kim Jun Hee, class president, struggles with a strong sense of justice and responsibility. Oh Jung Won, who has excellent academic records but is socially isolated, must cooperate with his peers to survive. The film promises surprising and suspenseful details as the students overcome the challenges of the mafia game, making the film an attractive watch for viewers.

The Night Has Come Episode 5 Explanation ends

At the end of The Night Has Come, Episode 5, the dramatic ending unfolds with a shocking twist. When a seriously injured Woo-Ram finds himself accused of being a mafia by his classmates, a moment of madness occurs when he tries to attack Kyung-Joon with an ax.

However, a sudden intervention in the middle of the night triggers a real-life mafia game, taking control of Woo-Ram. In a tragic turn of events, he accidentally caused his own death, unable to bear the consequences of his actions. The ending of the episode left viewers in suspense, raising questions about the complexity of the characters and the complex dynamics of the mafia game. This unexpected twist adds a layer of mystery and intrigue, making audiences eagerly look forward to the sequel to unravel the consequences of this intriguing ending.

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The Night Has Come Episode 5 Release Date

The Night Has Come Episode 5 is eagerly awaited by fans and premieres on Monday, December 11, 2023 on Viki and U+ Mobile TV. The release date marks an important moment for viewers as they anxiously await the next installment of the thrilling K-Drama.

With the leads played by Kim Woo-Seok and Lee Jae-In, the episode continues the suspenseful story, following the tense ending of the previous season. The release demonstrated the dedication of the show’s director, Lim Dae-Woong, in delivering engaging content.

Fans have been celebrating the release date, excited to witness the ongoing drama, surprise reveals, and character developments in Night Has Come Episode 5. Rumors surrounding the release date have highlighted the film’s popularity as well as its ability to attract audiences with its engaging storyline.

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The Night Has Come Episode 5 Cast



Lee Jae In

Lee Yoon-seo

Choi Ye Bin

Oh Jeong-won

Song Byung-geun

Im Eun Chan

Ji-ho Ahn

Ji Da Beom

Woo-min Cha


Jeong Sori


Young Min Cheon

Park Ji Soo

Dong-hyun Seo

Park Woo Ram

The Night Has Come Episode 5 Plot

In episode 5 of “The Night Has Come,” the gripping K-Drama, the plot thickens as the students grapple with an important decision as to which of Park Woo-Ram and Go Kyung-Joon is the mafia really. Deviating from the series’ usual pattern, the shocking reveal reveals that Woo-Ram is actually the real mafia.

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Tensions rise when Kyung-Joon takes Woo-Ram hostage, brutally torturing him to force him to confess. In an unexpected turn, Woo-Ram breaks the pressure and declares himself a mafia through a broadcast.

This revelation caused the remaining students to vote against him. The episode opens with suspenseful intensity, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats, eager to see the consequences of this unexpected twist and how it will impact the momentum of the ongoing thrilling plot.

Review The Night Has Come Episode 5

The Night Has Come Episode 5 received much praise for its engaging plot and surprising twists. Viewers praised the intense suspense as the students were faced with an important decision, leaving them on the edge of their seats. The reveal that Park Woo-Ram is the real mafia really challenges typical plot expectations, adding an interesting element to the series.

The episode’s dark and dramatic developments, coupled with the compelling performances of the main characters, received widespread acclaim. Fans praised the show’s ability to keep them guessing and eagerly awaited the drama unfolding in the upcoming episodes, making the show a must-watch for those passionate about K-Drama.

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The Night Has Come Episode 5 Where to Watch

The Night Has Come Episode 5 is currently available to viewers on popular streaming platforms such as Viki and U+ Mobile TV. Fans can watch the latest season of this exciting K-Drama on these platforms, making it easily accessible to a wider audience.

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The convenience of watching on these streaming services allows viewers to enjoy episodes at their own pace and on a variety of devices. With the lead roles portrayed by Kim Woo-Seok and Lee Jae-In, the episode’s availability on popular platforms ensures that fans can easily keep up to date with the thrilling story. Whether on Viki or U+ Mobile TV, audiences can immerse themselves in the suspenseful world of The Night Has Come Episode 5 and follow the evolving plot of this popular Korean series.

Trailer The Night Has Come

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