Is Hannah Evans Leaving WKTV? Who is Hannah Evans?

Hannah Evans bids farewell to WKTV as the StormTracker 2 Meteorologist, moving to a new weather team in Savannah, Georgia.

Is Hannah Evans Leaving WKTV?

Yes, Hannah Evans, the dedicated and familiar face as the StormTracker 2 Meteorologist on WKTV’s NewsChannel 2 at Sunrise, bids farewell to her time in Utica, New York. After joining the weather team in July 2021, she’s been a constant presence, delivering daily weather updates alongside Gary Liberatore.

Her departure marks the end of her journey at WKTV, as she moves on to join a weather team in Savannah, Georgia, leaving behind a heartfelt goodbye and best wishes from Chief Meteorologist Bill Kardas and the WKTV team. Hannah Evans’s departure from WKTV has been announced, signifying the end of her role as the StormTracker 2 Meteorologist.

With her final day at WKTV, she’s set to venture into a new chapter of her career in Savannah, Georgia, as part of a different weather team. Her time in Utica alongside Gary Liberatore, providing morning weather reports, concludes as she takes on new endeavors in a new location.

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Who is Hannah Evans?

Hannah Evans, originally from the Philadelphia area, is a passionate meteorologist who became a familiar face as the StormTracker 2 Meteorologist on WKTV’s NewsChannel 2 at Sunrise. Graduating from Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Meteorology, she joined the WKTV weather team in July 2021, offering regular weather updates and forecasts.

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Her dedication and enthusiasm for her work were evident as she delivered morning weather reports alongside Gary Liberatore, forming a beloved duo delivering news and weather updates to the audience.

Hannah Evans Career

Hannah Evans embarked on her meteorology career with enthusiasm, establishing herself as a notable figure in the field. Joining WKTV’s weather team as the StormTracker 2 Meteorologist in July 2021, she swiftly became a familiar face, delivering accurate and informative weather reports to the audience.

Her commitment to meteorology was evident, transitioning from a Weekend Meteorologist to taking on the role of Morning and Noon Meteorologist. Before her time at WKTV, she showcased her skills at the WPSU Center County Report as a Meteorologist between March 2021 and July 2021. Moreover, she gained experience at GIANT Food Stores, LLC, in Pennsylvania, serving as a Giant Direct Shopper from April 2020 to July 2021.

Throughout her career, Hannah’s dedication extended beyond her on-screen roles. Her meteorological journey began with her academic pursuits at Pennsylvania State University, where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences between 2017 and 2021.

During her four-year course, she engaged actively in the Campus Weather Service, displaying a profound interest in her field of study. Her involvement extended to the ski club, the Alpha Phi Sorority, and hosting the “Weather or Not” TV Show. While at Penn State, she delved into various roles, working as a Mail Clerk at Penn State Commons Desk Operations and actively contributing to the Campus Weather Service.

WKTV Overview

WKTV, a television station located in Utica, New York, has been a vital part of the region’s broadcasting history. Operating as an affiliate of major networks like NBC, CBS, and The CW Plus, the station has been a significant source of news and entertainment for the community.

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Initially launched on December 1, 1949, as Utica’s first television station, WKTV became the 93rd television station in the United States. It was owned by Copper City Broadcasting Corporation, under the direction of Myron Kallet, alongside WKAL (1450 AM). WKTV initially affiliated with all major networks at that time, including NBC, DuMont, ABC, and CBS, serving as a prominent media outlet for the region.

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