Khia A Rapper Criticize Beyonce New Album As “Devil Worshipping Music.”

In a long video outburst on August 4, American rapper Khia blasted Beyonce’s new album, Renaissance. The 45-year-old celebrity can be heard slamming the singer’s record in the video, which was initially published by Twitter user @itsKenBarbie.

“[She’s] attempting to cast a spell on the whole globe, even the children, with this old a** record.” You had over 100 authors, features, and collaborations, and all you could come up with was the devil’s music?”

It should be noted that the video has since been removed from @itsKenBarbie, however, it is still available on other Twitter accounts. Later in her diatribe, Khia refers to the highly lauded record as a “failure.” The rapper then brought up the “stolen sample” of Kelis’ song Milkshake, accusing the singer of interpolating it in her new song, Energy.

She also accused the Break My Soul singer of “stealing” a sample from Kilo Ali, referring to her track America Has A Problem, which samples his 1990 track Cocaine (America Has A Problem). Khia said in her video:

“Old wicked Creole hoe stole from everyone.” Kelis was sighted in these streets hot and angry after finding out she was sampled on the record without her consent since she doesn’t own sh*t because they stole from her as well. We, the people, are neither astonished nor horrified by this. BE-HO-CE has been a thief and a liar with no genuine skill of her own.”


Beyonce’s latest album, which was released just five days ago, has already stirred various problems, including the use of “ableist insults” and the use of multiple authors for one song.

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Everything there is to know about Khia and her short musical career.

Khia was born on November 8, 1976, and came to prominence in 2001 with the release of her single My Neck, My Back. Dirty Down Records published the single, which was recorded in Florida. However, it rose to notoriety because of encouragement from club DJs and radio stations in Alabama, St. Louis, Georgia, and Kansas City. Artemis Records eventually signed the song, and it became a national smash.


However, by 2004, Khia’s other songs had failed to create an impression, and her career was thought to be over. Slow Motion by Juvenile and Soulja Slim has My Neck, My Back interpolated. Trick Daddy’s CD, Thug Matrimony, also included the rapper.

Khia was chastised on Twitter for screaming over Beyonce’s new album. Beyonce fans were outraged after Khia slammed the Crazy in Love diva’s latest album in a long tirade video. While many fans mocked her for her own brief music career, others pointed out that Khia purposefully trashed the star’s current album since it featured the superstar’s cooperation with TS Madison, a former buddy.

Beyonce’s new album has received a barrage of criticism.

Khia and Kelis aren’t the only ones who have criticized the superstar’s current album, Renaissance. On August 2, Brian Kilmeade, the anchor of Fox News’ The Ingraham Angle, requested Raymond Arroyo to comment on Beyonce’s ongoing issue with the use of an ableist slur in one of her songs, Heated. Arroyo said that the vocalist uses a number of slurs and “filthy phrases,” including “sp*zz,” and that she did not go “far enough with the clean-up and lyric modification.”

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Khia is talking about how Beyoncé’s #RENAISSANCE “flopped.”

That’s quite the commentary from somebody whose last five albums flopped.

— Bryan Boggiano (@Bryan_KnowsBest) August 3, 2022


Khia the same ho who called Beyoncé “sorry” vid tired and trash said the album is trash? 💀💀 I’m trying to think when was the last time khia ever touched a chart or any chart tbh 🥴

—  𝒬𝒜𝐸  (@Beyyonslayy) August 3, 2022


Kilmaede reacted, saying:

“[Beyoncé] is a parent… We haven’t seen her in a long time. She was hardly clad, dancing about, and now she returns more horrible than ever. releasing X-rated lyrics.”

As of yet, Beyonce has not publicly replied to any of the charges leveled against her.

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