Is Massacre at Buffalo Valley a True Story? Massacre at Buffalo Valley Cast, Plot and More

Explore the amazing story of bravery in “Massacre at Buffalo Valley,” a true tale during the Penn’s Creek events in 1755. Find out what happens in this historical drama, meet the talented actors, and understand the powerful effect of this exciting story.

Massacre at Buffalo Valley

“Massacre at Buffalo Valley” is a movie made in 2013. At first, it was called “Alone yet Not Alone: Their Faith Became Their Freedom.” It’s a Christian historical drama directed by Ray Bengston and George D. Escobar. The story is based on a book by Tracy Leininger Craven and tells about three young girls, Barbara, Regina, and Marie, who were taken by force by the Lenape during the Penn’s Creek massacre in 1755.

The movie stars Kelly Greyson, Jenn Gotzon, and Clay Walker and got some funding from James R. Leininger, who is related to the family in the story. The film’s song, “Alone yet Not Alone,” was even nominated for an award at the Academy Awards, but later the nomination was taken back because of some rule-breaking by one of the song’s creators, Bruce Broughton. Despite this issue, “Massacre at Buffalo Valley” is about showing the real history of the Penn’s Creek massacre and how these young girls stayed strong and faithful during tough times.

Is Massacre at Buffalo Valley a True Story?

Yes, “Massacre at Buffalo Valley” is based on a true story. Originally titled “Alone Yet Not Alone: Their Faith Became Their Freedom” and released in 2013, the film is a historical drama that recounts the gripping narrative of Barbara and Regina Leininger. Set against the backdrop of the French and Indian War in 1755, the movie vividly portrays the harrowing experiences of the two immigrant sisters who were captured by Delaware Indians.

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Their journey becomes a testament to the power of faith and resilience in the face of adversity. The film captures the inspirational and tragic events of the sisters’ lives, offering viewers a glimpse into a historical chapter marked by survival, courage, and unwavering faith.

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Massacre at Buffalo Valley Cast



Kelly Greyson

Barbara Leininger / Susquehanna

Natalie Racoosin

Young Barbara

Victoria Emmons

Marie LeRoy

Kelly Devens

Young Marie

Hayley Lovitt

Regina Leininger / Tskinnak

Cassie Brennan

Young Regina

Robert Pierce

Papa Leininger

Joanie Stewart

Mama Leininger

Joseph Gray

John Leininger

James Hartner

Christian Leininger

Jenn Gotzon

Lydia Barrett

Clay Walker

Fritz Hecklinger

Justin Tully

Young Fritz

Brett Harris


Ian Nelson

Young Owen

John Telfer


Joshua Hunter Magers

Young David

Ozzie Torres


Tony Wade


Brett Harris

Owen Gibson / Souchy or Second Son

Ron Pinson Jr.

Chief Selinquaw

Carl LeMon

Henry Muhlenberg

Josh Murray

George Washington

Barry K. Bedwell

Benjamin Franklin

James McKeny

Edward Braddock

Joel King

Robert Hunter Morris

Douglas W. Phillips

Hugh Mercer

Paul Ganus

John Armstrong Sr.

Thurman Bryan

Sergeant Mueller

Massacre at Buffalo Valley Trailer

Massacre at Buffalo Valley Review

“Massacre at Buffalo Valley” is a really interesting story set in the past. It talks about a family, the Leiningers, facing tough times in the 1700s. They go through sad and challenging moments, like when their farm is attacked, and they are taken captive by Indians. The story shows how they try to adapt to their new life. Barbara, one of the main characters, is strong and brave, making the story relatable and exciting.

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There are lots of surprises and exciting parts, like when they escape and face dangers. The ending is good, bringing everything together and showing the importance of family and how history can affect people’s lives. Overall, “Massacre at Buffalo Valley” is a great story that mixes history with real feelings, making it a memorable journey for readers.

Massacre at Buffalo Valley Ending Explained

In the end of “Massacre at Buffalo Valley,” Barbara and her friends find safety at Fort Pitt after overcoming challenges. Initially distrusted by British soldiers, Barbara’s German plea convinces them of the truth. A confrontation with Hannwoa ends with Barbara using a dead soldier’s gun to defeat him. After a month at Fort Pitt, Barbara, Marie, Owen, and David reunite with Mrs. Leininger in Philadelphia.

Returning her mother’s brooch, Barbara discovers Regina is still missing. Over time, Barbara marries Fritz Hecklinger, has two kids, and learns of David’s fate. Regina’s recognition through a song leads to a heartwarming reunion. Regina stays with her mother until their passing, while Barbara, in Berks County, names her third child after her sister and dies in 1805 in Cumru Township. The ending highlights challenges, family bonds, and the lasting impact of historical events.

Massacre at Buffalo Valley Plot

The “Massacre at Buffalo Valley” is about the Leininger family moving from Germany to Pennsylvania in the 1700s. They build a farm, but there’s trouble when Indian chiefs want to help the British against the French, and the British refuse. This leads the Indians to support the French. In 1755, the Leininger farm is attacked by Indian brothers, and Mr. Leininger and Christian are killed.

Barbara and Regina, the daughters, are taken captive. They face challenges and try to escape. The Pennsylvania militia fights back by attacking Fort du Quesne, so the Indians move the captives deeper into the forest. The story shows how Barbara and others try to fit into the Indian tribe and plan an escape. They go through tough times, like facing a bear and being chased by an angry Indian. Eventually, they find safety at Fort Pitt, reunite with family, and travel to Philadelphia. Barbara gets married, starts a family, and reunites with Regina. The story is about facing difficulties, surviving, and how historical conflicts affect people and families.

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Massacre at Buffalo Valley Where to Watch

To watch “Massacre at Buffalo Valley” on Prime Video. The movie, originally titled “Alone yet Not Alone: Their Faith Became Their Freedom,” is available for streaming on the Prime Video platform. Directed by Ray Bengston and co-directed by George D. Escobar, the film portrays the historical events of the Penn’s Creek massacre and the resilience of three preteen girls Barbara and Regina Leininger and Marie LeRoy forcibly seized by the Lenape in 1755. Starring Kelly Greyson, Jenn Gotzon, and Clay Walker, the movie explores their faith and courage during challenging times. If you’re interested in historical dramas with a Christian theme, you can find “Massacre at Buffalo Valley” on Prime Video.

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