My Three Sons Triplets Where Are They Now? Who Were the Triplets on My Three Sons?

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my three sons

My Three Sons was a popular American television sitcom that aired from September 29, 1960 to April 13, 1972. It originally premiered on ABC and then moved to CBS after the season. Thursday. The film revolves around the life of Steven Douglas (played by Fred MacMurray), a widow and aeronautical engineer raising his three sons.

In its first seasons, the series featured William Frawley, who previously co-starred with Fred MacMr in Car 99, as the boys’ grandfather and living housekeeper named William Michael Francis. Bub” O’Casey. However, due to Frawley’s declining health, he was replaced by William Demarest in 1965, playing Bub’s brother, “Uncle Charley.”

That same year, when the show switched from ABC to CBS and began filming in color, the character Mike (played by Tim Considine), the eldest son, married Sally Ann Morrison (Meredith MacRae) and was dropped from the roster. . Shows.

To keep the focus on “three boys”, the youngest Chip (Stanley Livingston) has adopted his friend Ernie (Barry Livingston). During the series’ final years, Steven Douglas married Barbara Harper (Beverly Garland) and adopted a young daughter, Dorothy Anne, also known as “Dodie” (Dawn Lyn).

My Three Sons became a prominent part of the ABC and CBS lineups in the 1960s. Bill Walsh, a producer at Disney, often speculated whether the show was inspired by the movie The Shaggy Dog. , when he noticed similarities such as “same dog, same kids and Fred MacMurray.”

Where are my three sons now?

The trio, who play the hyperactive and belligerent siblings in My Three Sons, are loved by fans for their identical looks. After the series finale, the Todd family continued to reside in San Diego.

Fred MacMurray as Steve Douglas:

Fred MacMurray portrayed Steve Douglas, a widow and aeronautical engineer, on the television show My Three Sons. He’s a beloved character on the show, known for delivering moments of sincerity and tenderness. MacMurray has enjoyed a successful and lucrative career spanning decades, with numerous films and TV shows bearing his name. However, he died of pneumonia on November 5, 1991 in Santa Monica, California, at the age of 83.

Stanley Livingston as Chip Douglas:

Stanley Livingston plays Chip Douglas, Steve’s third son, in My Three Sons. He and Fred MacMr are the only actors to appear in the entire series. After the show ended, Livingston ventured into other aspects of the entertainment industry, working as a producer and director.

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He has appeared in various shows such as Lucas Tanner (1974), Attack of the 60 Foot Centerfold (1995) and Stripteaser (1995). Livingston’s directing and producing credits include such projects as Cory the Clown (2001), The Actor’s Journey for Kids (2007) and The Actor’s Journey Eight-Part Documentary Series (2008). He retired in 2012 and is currently enjoying a peaceful life with his family. Now he is 72 years old.

Don Grady as Robbie Douglas:

Don Grady plays Robbie Douglas, Steve’s second son, in My Three Sons. Besides her acting career, Grady is also a musician and has served in the US Army Reserve for four years.

After the sitcom ended, he decided to focus on his musical pursuits. Grady has been involved in various musical projects, including composing music for the movie Switch and performing in a stage show in Las Vegas alongside David Cassidy, Michael Crawford, Rick Springfield and Tommy Tune. He also appeared in theatrical productions such as Pippin, Damn Yankees, and Godspell.

In 2008, he released an album called Boomer: JazRokPop, containing songs about the baby boomer generation. Sadly, Grady passed away from myeloma on June 27, 2012 in Thousand Oaks, California, at the age of 68.

Who is the trio of my three sons?

From 1970 to 1972, Michael, Daniel and Joseph Todd played beloved characters in My Three Sons. These talented individuals captivated audiences with their performances during that period.

MY THREE SONS, a television series that aired on ABC and then CBS from 1960 to 1972, stands out as the second-longest show of its era, spanning 12 seasons. Only OZZIE AND HARRIET surpasses it, running for 14 years. Currently, MY THREE SONS can be enjoyed by the audience on MeTV on weekday mornings.

The film begins with widow Steven Douglas raising his sons Mike, Robbie and Chip. After Mike’s marriage and departure, Douglas adopted Chip’s best friend Ernie. In 1968, Katie, Robbie’s wife, gave birth to triplets played by Michael, Daniel and Joseph Todd from 1970 to 1972.

The trio is named after Robbie’s father (Don Grady), grandfather Steve (Fred MacMurray) and great-grandfather Charlie (William Demarest). Tina Cole plays their mother, Katie. In 1971, Don Grady left his role and Robbie’s character went to Peru to work on a bridge construction project.

Katie then returns to the Douglas family with her boys, and in the series’ final two seasons, the Todd siblings have proven themselves to be typical boys. They playfully tease the family dog ​​Tramp, once lost, and even their own family members struggle to tell them apart. On one occasion, Steve had to bring them to work with him.

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The energetic and vibrant nature of the trio has made them beloved by fans, who appreciate their identical looks. After the end of the MY THREE SON series, the Todd family chose to stay in San Diego. The brothers ventured into commercial work, advertising various products such as Mr. Steak, a California-based chain of stores, and Doublemint Gum.

However, they do not pursue a long career in the entertainment industry. Unfortunately, there is little information regarding their activities after leaving the popular show. Luckily, thanks to one of the siblings, fans were able to learn more about their lives beyond what was previously known.

In 1989, the Todd brothers appeared on “THE JOAN RIVERS SHOW” to discuss their time in MY THREE SONS, but they later left the entertainment industry. Since they were very young during their time on the show, they couldn’t recall many details about their days on set.

Clips from the series were shown to them, but they struggled to remember specific events. Information online about the brothers is scarce, with the only details available showing their roles as Robbie and Katie’s son from 1970 to 1972.

In 2018, Joseph Todd, one of the triplets playing Charlie, gave an interview in which he shared that neither he nor his siblings had a strong desire to pursue the show business. performance show. At the age of 19, each of them enrolled in a different military specialty in the Army, and their time in the armed forces taught them to be independent individuals. Joseph Todd has retired after serving as a military medic for 20 years.

Reflecting on their experience, the former child star mentioned that Hollywood often presents a glamorous image but there is much more to it. Acting was something they did, but they loved being outdoors and having fun just like any other kid. This sentiment is similar to that of Michael Jackson, the king of Pop, who once expressed his and his siblings’ desire for a normal childhood.

The Todd trio, born on August 5, 1967, were recommended by their grandmother for the role of boy Douglas. Although a casting call was specifically for the twins, their triptych status prompted them to get parts.

Their adorable presence while running around Douglas’s house delighted fans. What makes fans happy is that they don’t have to deal with the troubles that often come with former child stars. Information regarding their marital status or children is not available online. Fans who love THREE BOYS remember to watch the movie at 6:30 pm on MeTV.

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What happened to the trio of my three sons?

The trio of brothers Michael, Daniel and Joseph Todd, who portrayed the characters on the sitcom My Three Sons, have retired from acting and pursued a military career. During its run from 1970 to 1972, the Todd brothers rose to fame. However, as time went on, their appearance changed dramatically making them unrecognizable by fans.

After My Three Sons ended, the Todd family decided to stay in San Diego. The trio appeared briefly in commercials for products such as Doublemint Gum and the Mr. Steak is based in California. However, they did not choose to continue acting and their involvement in the entertainment industry was relatively short. They soon turn to another direction in life.

In 1989, the trio appeared on The Joan Rivers Show to discuss their experiences on My Three Sons. However, due to their young age on the show, they can’t recall many details from that time.

In 2018, Joseph Todd, who plays Charley, gave an interview in which he revealed that he and his brothers had joined the Army at the age of 19, pursuing military career majors. different.

Joseph served in the Army’s ambulance department for 20 years before retiring in March 2007. He then took a contract position to teach military doctors at Fort Sam Houston and later transferred. a civilian service position, continuing his job training soldiers.

On the other hand, Michael retired as a combat engineer. He is currently working as a teacher at the Military Medical Department stationed at Camp Bullis. Daniel served in the Army for eight years and then attended the University of Houston for a degree. After graduating, he set up a small business in Houston.

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Steve DouglasFred MacMurray
William Michael Francis Aloysius “Bub” O’CaseyWilliam Frawley
Charles Leslie “Uncle Charley” O’CaseyWilliam Demarest
Mike DouglasTim Considine
Robbie DouglasDon Grady
Richard “Chip” DouglasStanley Livingston
Ernie Thompson-DouglasBarry Livingston
Sally Ann Morrison-DouglasMeredith MacRae
Katie Miller-DouglasTina Cole
Barbara Harper-DouglasBeverly Wreath
Dorothy Anne “Dodie” Harper-DouglasDawn Lyn
Polly Williams-DouglasRonne team
Robbie, Stevie and Charley DouglasMichael, Daniel and Joseph Todd

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