Who Is Jared Hassim From “Love Island USA”?

The most recent episode of Love Island USA Season 4 introduced three new bombshells, one of them was Los Angeles native Jared Hassim. Hassim joined the villa after the elimination round in which Andy and Bria were ousted. Along with Jared, Katherine Rose and Nadjha Day, two female bombshells, joined the islanders this week.

The islanders had received text messages informing them that the immigrants wanted their first dates to cook for them. Jared selected Mady to prepare his meal and Deb to prepare his dessert. His entrance has made the guys in the villa uneasy, as they are concerned that their present dynamic with their individual spouses may alter.

Jared Hassim is a multi-talented individual

Jared Hassim is a skilled photographer, graphic designer, and doodle artist with restaurant experience. He has been a cashier at the South Coast Deli for over two years, according to his LinkedIn page. Previously, he worked as a food runner at UC Santa Barbara. He worked as a host at The Mar Vista in 2018 and previously as a Sales Representative at HoneyVape.

Jared Hassim

He graduated from Santa Monica College and then attended Santa Barbara City College to get a BA in General and Communications. Jared also has a degree in Communication and Media Studies from UC Santa Barbara.

On LinkedIn, the “About” section of the Los Angeles native reads:

“Experienced Host with a track record of success in the restaurant sector.” Photographer, Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Social Media expert. Professional in the arts and design studies at UC Santa Barbara.”

He is a member of a canine social organization called Dog PPL, according to his Instagram username. He’s also appeared in two short films, Double Stack (2020) and The Comedy Is Over (2021). He has now joined the Love Island USA villa in search of someone special. Only time will tell whether or not he succeeds.

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A summary of Love Island USA Season 4 Episode 15

Love Island USA Episode 15 Sarah Hyland, the show’s presenter, arrived at the villa to deliver the results of the public vote for their favorite pair. Bria-Timmy and Andy-Mady were among the least popular couples. The most recent episode saw the islanders, who had been rescued by popular vote, determining who should depart. Sarah instructed them to pick two of the four islanders who were on the verge of being eliminated. After great deliberation, they chose Bria and Andy, who then had to collect their belongings and go.

Jared Hassim

Bria was one of the stunning women that came to the villa with her brother Chazz. She was paired with Timmy, who had previously been Zeta’s companion. For a few episodes, the love triangle provided plenty of drama until Timmy ditched Bria for Zeta. Andy, on the other hand, was one of the first islanders to be paired up with Courtney. He subsequently selected Mady, and then added to the drama by selecting Sydney in one of the recoupling rounds.

In Love Island USA Season 4 Episode 15, the newcomers chose their dates and who cooked for them. While Jared chose Mady for dinner and Deb for dessert, Katherine preferred Isaiah to prepare dinner and Chazz to make dessert. Jeff for dinner and Isaiah for dessert were Nadjha’s options. The new bombshells will choose their partners in the future episode, which implies that some will be separated from their initial companions.

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