Who Is Martin Currry? Married To Medicine Season 9 Newcomer Organizes His Wedding

Medically Married Season 9 premiered a new episode on Bravo on Sunday, September 4, 2022, at 9 p.m. ET. The cast members navigated their professional and personal lives in the one-hour time period. While some were still reeling from previous conflicts, others were dealing with family dynamics and marital troubles in the home.

Audra Frimpong made her Married to Medicine debut in Season 9. She was presented as Heavenly’s friend and immediately got into a dispute with Toya during the ladies’ Las Vegas vacation, marking her imprint on this year’s needed drama. Fans saw an exclusive glimpse of Audra and her husband Dr. Martin Curry on this week’s program. In the episode, the couple was shown arranging their wedding. They married in 2021, during the filming of Season 9 of Married to Medicine. Continue reading to find out more about Dr. Martin and his connection with Audra.


More information about Audra’s spouse, Dr. Martin Currry, from Married to Medicine.

Audra Frimpong, a 32-year-old newcomer, is married to Martin Curry, a dentist. Martin is the owner of Dr. Martin Curry Dentistry, a boutique dental practice. In Washington, D.C., he attended Howard University. During Howard’s Homecoming Weekend, he and Audra first met on a mutual friend’s rooftop. Audra discovered Martin resided in Atlanta after their chance encounter. By the end of the night, the couple had decided to go on a formal date after they returned to their hometown. Since then, the two have been going strong.

Martin Currry

The pair got engaged in 2020, and their wedding took place on New Year’s Eve 2021 in Atlanta. While Audra is married to a dentist, which accounts for her appearance on Married to Medicine, she is also a professional attorney who works as a real estate lawyer at the Hawes Law Firm in Atlanta. She graduated from Syracuse University’s College of Law. Audra plays several roles. She is an attorney, a newlywed, a reality television star, and a mother. From a previous relationship, she has a son called Kingston. The mother-son relationship is strong.

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On Married to Medicine, take a look back at Audra’s dispute with Toya.

During one of their dinners in Las Vegas, the girls played a game called “Never Have I Ever,” in which the cast members drank alcohol. Dr. Jackie, on the other hand, refused to drink alcohol due to health concerns, and Toya chastised her for it. When newcomer Audra attempted to side with Dr. Jackie, Toya ended up calling her “not a competent lawyer,” which irritated the attorney. Following that, Audra and Toya got into a fight. Although the two haven’t clashed in a while, the problem is certain to reemerge if Audra starts interacting with the women more.

Martin Currry

Both the women and their spouses have contributed to the continuing drama in Season 9. With so many more problems arising this season, only time will tell how the girls cope and what else awaits them in the next episodes.

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