Who Is ImDontai’s Wife and When Did He Get Married?

ImDontai is a husband. In 2020, the American social media star and gamer married a woman simply known as Danielle. The couple has been married for a few years and is about to expand their family circle with the birth of a child.

ImDontai and Danielle married during the coronavirus pandemic that ravaged the United States. This made an elaborate ceremony impossible for them. Despite this, they had a successful wedding and are now living happily ever after.


Is ImDontai Getting Married?

Yes, ImDontai, real name Dante Anthony Etheridge, has long shed the cloak of bachelorhood and embraced matrimony. Before 2020, the social media content creator was ranked as one of the most eligible bachelors among male social media stars, and his marital status was hotly debated among his followers.

According to the social media sensation, he would have married a long time ago but had to deal with some hiccups due to the woman he wished to marry delaying his plans significantly.

Who Is ImDontai’s Wife?

Danielle has never been a household name. As a result, details about her life and family history have never been made public. Imdontai’s wife, on the other hand, rose to prominence as the wife of one of America’s most popular content creators. She has stated unequivocally that she would prefer to live her life away from the prying eyes of the media and the general public.

Having said that, it has recently come to light that the celebrity wife is also a social media influencer, albeit an unwilling one. Her Instagram page has over 100k followers, and she has shared a decent number of posts on her handle.

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ImDontai met his wife in what way?

According to information gleaned from online sources, ImDontai has been dating a woman simply known as Danielle since his childhood. As a result, pinpointing the exact date when the two first met is difficult. We were told, however, that Danielle had only just turned 10 when they met.

In a Twitch question and answer session about his dating period with Danielle, the American content creator and gamer revealed how they met on Facebook and how he first asked her out on a date through his Facebook account. He received a positive response.

Not to mention that Dante Anthony Etheridge and his love interest are classmates. The YouTuber and content creator told a story about their days as students at the same school. Accompanying each other to school was instrumental in bringing the two together, and they quickly became inseparable.

What’s The Relationship Between ImDontai and Danielle

According to previous reports, ImDontai and his love interest dated for nine long years before calling it quits on their relationship. When asked what caused their wedding to be postponed, the American internet personality blamed his wife, Danielle. Dante Anthony Etheridge narrated in his own words how he was ready and willing to take the proverbial walk down the aisle with his love interest but was forced to wait. Danielle, according to ImDontai, was very nervous about getting married because she has always been uncomfortable taking center stage in any event. As a result, she would put it off because a bride is always the center of attention at any wedding, but he persisted.

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Dante’s nervousness was transferred to him when Danielle finally said yes to Dante’s repeated marriage proposal. According to the YouTube sensation, seeing Danielle in her wedding gown for the first time caused his heart to race at lightning speed. He reasoned that she had kept him waiting for a long time. As a result, it was difficult to believe that it was finally happening. The precise date of ImDontai and Danielle’s wedding has always eluded the media and the general public, but the couple exchanged wedding vows in August 2020, according to some online sources.

Remember that the peak of the Corona Virus pandemic in the United States occurred in 2020. As a result, it goes without saying that the couple experienced a great deal of stress while planning their wedding.


As the pandemic ravaged America, Dante was forced to change their wedding date several times, which he was unwilling to do given how long he had waited.

They also had to consider the COVID-19 rules regarding large crowd gatherings, which required them to reduce their guest list in confirmation. ImDontai and Danielle eventually reduced the number of family members and close friends they had.

At the end of the day, they had a successful wedding, and the lovebirds said the day was as exciting as it was joyful. Danielle, for example, described it as a day full of love and positive vibes.

ImDontai’s Married

From August 2020 to the present, the couple has been married for two years. Despite the fact that Danielle appears to prefer to avoid the spotlight, she occasionally appears on ImDontai’s YouTube channel.

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Needless to say, whenever she decides to show up, all of their conversations will naturally turn to their lives as a married couple. Dante, for example, has spoken extensively about marriage, and by all accounts, the American content creator is happily married.

In fact, he didn’t waste any time in posting video clips from their wedding ceremony, which he dubbed “The Best Day Of My Life.” The video has received over 1.3 million views and is still growing. Dante obviously adores his wife; he even included her name in his Instagram bio.

Concerning children, the couple does not yet have any, but according to reports, Danielle miscarried her first pregnancy, but Dante’s Instagram handle indicates that another baby is on the way.

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